Just Write.

I hope this blog will nudge me into the world of writing.  I have some simple tools for starting the journey. The more I play with words, the more I realize that I need more stuff in my toolbox. I’m starting here:

  • Simple projects on Upwork. Learning that I am better at re-writing and condensing than creating new content. Through several projects, I have learned to edit, chop and revise my original words.
  • Reading about writing. I started Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark. (Umm…as you can see, I borrowed some visual ideas and used them in the first paragraph.)
  • Class on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) last week.  Don’t ask me what SEO is all about, because the class was cancelled 😦  I wanted to participate in the class so I could gain some Upwork projects that required SEO content. Facing reality, I need to refine some basic writing skills before I can dive into that.
  • Beginning an e-book. More soon.

~ Lisa

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