Tie It Up: a one minute reflection

I called a friend the other day. 99% of the conversation was me, listening.

Has this ever happened to you?

I got off the phone and thought, “I’m not perfect, but at least I don’t talk as much as she does…”

Two days later, I was the one having tongue troubles— too chatty, too sassy.

Can we ever really control the things we say?

James 3:8 says “…but no human being can tame the tongue.”  When we get angry, competitive or upset, that little muscle called the tongue can do lots of damage.

Consider this idea:  Ask God to tie up your tongue before it gets in trouble. Ask Him to do it every morning, even before you squeeze out the first word of the day.

Dear God,

Control every part of me today; especially my tongue. Tie up my tongue, unless it plans to say something kind, helpful, or healing.


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