{ Introvert Hangover }

introvert hangover rooster magazine
Last night’s alcohol-free party was memorable, wonderful, and intensely draining.

When the last guests left, I was upright — but zombie-like.


This morning, I rolled out of bed with a dull headache.


My groggy brain started reviewing every conversation from the night before.

Our dear friend had washed the dishes, but pieces of the party peeked out from every corner.

I walked around dazed…but happy that there were 2 boxes of Pumpkin Spiced Cheerios to serve for a fast breakfast.
The phrase “Introvert Hangover” popped into my mind and I was amazed that there is such a thing.
…Now it’s mid-afternoon and the sun is shining. Everyone is helping.
Party baubles are getting packed away and the review tapes in my head are winding down.
Coffee serving #2 is nourishing my nerves.
I feel a sense of accomplishment and a waning headache.
I think, by the end of the day, I will spring back to normal.
Photo credit: The Rooster.com 



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