{ Mittens and Brownies and Writing. }


I sat in the bedroom last night, sewing.

My three youngest children were draped over a bed littered with markers and colored pencils. We were listening to the audio book: You are a Writer. (So Act Like One), by Jeff Goins. The young artists created art and listened quietly. They would stir and look up when I nodded or grunted in agreement.

Note: some bribery was in play here. I promised them brownies and ice cream when the clock reached 8:30.


This is a stock photo. Ours didn’t look this good.

So here are a few takeaways from the first part of the book:

Claiming the Title: I am a writer — even if I don’t feel it yet.

Writers write: Just begin.

Practice makes habits: do it every day.

De-clutter: get rid of the distractions (like social media) that prevent me from writing.

Good writing is in the editing. Don’t expect good writing in the first…or second…or third…? draft.

Practice in public: (So here I am.)

After finishing this audio, the next book on my list is also by Jeff Goins:

Real Artists Don’t Starve.

I’ll read it with, or possibly without, a room full of young artists. But definitely with the brownies.

images (1)

Here is my Etsy shop address. This is where I sell the mittens that I sew whilst listening to audiobooks and juggling children with markers: 


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