{ I Have a Superpower }


I woke up today

Realizing that I have a superpower.


I can make my teenage sons

  • Roll their Eyes
  • Smirk
  • Shake their heads.

So, far it’s working pretty well.

I just have to figure out how to channel it into something useful.

I feel my superpower coming upon me when I:

  • Say a phrase like “street cred” and use it in a sentence
  • Talk about the latest sports trade like I’m interested
  • Use initials when I speak of famous athletes, like they are my personal friends
  • Purposely misuse hip slang words
  • Drag the virtual into the world of reality – “I really like that you liked my Instagram post.”
  • Sarcastically over-praise them for minor things that I’m happy about: “I think it’s great that you made your bed today. (thumbs up) You’re the best.”

Sometimes I follow up a trendy phrase with a wink and I flash the peace sign.

They might be a little puzzled…. unless they read this blog post.

Which they never do.


© Lisa M. Luciano

Mother of six boys,

who all seem to still love me,

despite my superpowers and super failures.

Word Prompt of the Day – Glimmer