{ Library Hopping }

Have you ever gone library hopping?

We rotate between a few local libraries: Small Town Library & Smaller Town Library. Sometimes we get crazy and bold and we venture into The Outer Ring Suburban Library. The vast supply of books is slightly claustrophobic.  It’s fun to visit, but I wouldn’t want to *live there.*

In celebration of National Library Week, I’d like to acquaint you with our two closest Minnesota libraries: ~ Small Town Library and Smaller Town Library.

1. Small Town Library

Small Town Library takes up a whole floor of a historic school, originally built in 1932. Librarian Jacci is friendly, and her enthusiastic, capable daughter Gabi is second in command.  They are a good team.

There’s a Lego club and a book club and an old schoolroom where you can buy used books on the honor system.

Over the Christmas season, the library staff fills the spacious flooring with a dozen large, artificial trees.

Each tree is decorated to reflect a different holiday.

(This is impressive to me, the queen of reluctant decorating.)




2.  Smaller Town Library

Smaller Town Librarian often wears shorts, tees and sweatshirts.  There’s a Keurig machine in the corner. Candy and scratch-n-sniff bookmarks sit on the shelf for everyone to help themselves. You can study in this library if you like, but you might want to settle toward the back of the building.  If you don’t, you will be sucked in to the friendly conversation and cheerful banter that happens every day.  The library staff knows and loves you, so there’s no need to bring your library card to check out books.

Although not an official policy, I’ve heard it implied:

“If you’re not incurring library fines, you’re not enjoying the library enough.”

This gem is more like a local watering hole than a stuffy library. Head librarian Lisa is an untiring listener with a quick wit and laugh. The walls explode with seasonal decorations, applied to the walls by dedicated, fun-loving helpers.

Smaller Town Library feels as warm and friendly as a second home.

winsted library

Libraries are amazing.  Is that something we can all agree on?

Free books and internet. Free help and clean bathrooms.

When your funds are depleted,  head to a library.  The world is yours.

National Library Week is here, and today is Library Workers Day.

Go library hopping to celebrate and thank a library worker 😉









{ I Fell Asleep at the Library }



I fell asleep at the library

As I browsed through a dog magazine

I dreamed that my dogsled was winning

The closest race ever seen

What a shock when I found myself wakened

Yelling “MUSH!” to a kid in a chair

I was standing atop a computer

And whipping its cords in the air.

I fell asleep at the library

With Extreme Sports locked in my hand

Exposed on an ice-covered mountain

In a windy and dangerous land

What a SURPRISE I encountered

Returning from Dreamland to see

I was scaling the non-fiction bookshelf

Preparing to climb to floor three.

I fell asleep at the library

While reading a mystery book.

 I slurped on a neon green popsicle

While tracking the trail of a crook

I awoke and the childrens’ librarian

Was staring and glaring at me,

I’d been licking the sides of the pages

(with drool dripping down to my knee.)

I fell asleep at the library

While hearing a pirate tale

Here I am on a ship in my nightmare

And the mateys are hoisting the sail

“How strange,” said one dad to his daughter

(As I look down into the deep)

“He’s walking that line on the carpet.”

(But I’m walking the plank in my sleep)

I fell asleep at the library

Now in a big cozy chair

In my dreams I ran through a forest

Chased by a big purple bear

He grabbed ahold of my shoulder

And opened his mouth real slow…..

But then I heard mom say, “Hey buddy!”

“Wake up now —  it’s time to go!”

© Lisa M. Luciano 2015  😊