{ Covid-19 Clothing Style }

Part One: Style Problems?

Sheltering at home may be having an effect on me.

My oldest daughter and I were in the kitchen yesterday and she looked me up and down with concern.

“Umm..I was just wondering why you dress with such a mix of patterns lately?”

I looked down at my flowered skirt and buffalo checked shirt. “What’s wrong with this?” I asked. “They both have blue.”

This daughter has been professionally trained to assess cognitive loss in the elderly population.

So, I second-guessed myself.

  • Am I losing it? 
  • Is the fact that I seldom leave the house starting to affect me?
  • Am I just getting old?

But I’m of Scandinavian descent — I like bright colors. 

I’m an artistic type — I don’t mind a little mixing of patterns here and there. 

Perhaps this is how I see myself:



But maybe this is how she sees me?


Part 2: My Morning Trip to Walmart

One day later, I got to Walmart as the doors opened; as the masked shoppers rolled past the greeters who now double as patron counters.

I was wearing a flowered skirt (again), athletic shirt (matching color), baseball cap (hair needs coloring), barn jacket and black boots.

Halfway through the dairy section, I noticed an elderly, well-dressed woman. She was a petite, classy grandma type, with snowy white hair, wearing a flashy red dress, fitted black wool coat, nylons and dress shoes, gold earrings, and red lipstick.

Remember, this is Walmart. The sight of her really stood out.

We finally crossed paths near the empty toilet paper aisle, eye to eye and cart to cart, though still six feet apart.

“I like your skirt,” she said to me.

“Thanks. I was noticing you, too — all dressed up here at Walmart.”

She leaned in and quipped, “We need to class this place up a bit, don’t we?”

I laughed and rolled away, smiling. (Also rare at Walmart these days.)


{ Warning: Snack Avoidance Can Lead to Snacking }

I left the house with a protein bar, bottles of water and a cup of coffee.  I was determined to eat light tonight.

I wasn’t even thinking of food while scurrying around GoodWill, trying on black boots. (I’m always trying to find black boots.)

The returns and the library stop kept me busy.

I even made it through every aisle at Aldi.  (I turned over a teeny package of almonds at the checkout, but resisted.)

I entered the doors of my favorite upscale grocery store.  This is a dream spot for anyone seeking to enjoy free wifi — a lovely area with tables and booths, virtually empty post-dinnertime.

You feel like you should buy at least a token item, if you’re going to sit there at a booth.

I pulled down a can of my favorite sugar-free sparkling water.


It went downhill from there.

Peeking around for a small high-protein snack, I discovered the bulk foods section.

Yes, there were high-protein choices….but there were various other offerings…

  • …such as these delicious little critters: chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I finished off a very small bag. bears
  • I can never resist licorice Allsorts.

    I tried to scoop just a few of each kind, but got several more than I bargained for.


  • I needed something savory, so I added Asian cracker mix to my basket.

    asian mix
    The kind I bought included peas…so I got my veggies at least.

Tomorrow we’re going to make a stop at Trader Joe’s.

Just to stay accountable, here are the things I will not even look at!

  1. Those amazing dark chocolate-covered peanut butter cups at the checkout.
  2. Equally amazing dark chocolate covered almonds.
  3. Frozen mango mochi.  But if my daughter buys a box, you know I have to help her.
  4. Ditto with frozen chocolate-covered banana slices.

Feeling slightly defeated as I finish off my sugar-free sparkling water,

Lisa 🙂